Recyclable K-Cup® pods are on a roll

Recycling is a big deal to us at Keurig Green Mountain. And we’re happy to say that after years of research and testing, our recyclable pod has arrived.

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The road to recyclability


The Keurig Grounds to Grow On™ program starts collecting used K-Cup® pods for compost and energy


We commit to
all new K-Cup® pods being recyclable by 2020


We begin testing recyclable K-Cup® pods with recyclers
to get the design just right


The first recyclable
K-Cup® pods
are ready to brew


Canada launches
recyclable K-Cup® pods


By the end of 2018,
100% of K-Cup® pods
produced in Canada
will be recyclable


Production and
availability of
recyclable K-Cup® pods
continue to increase
in the U.S.


All new K-Cup® pods
recyclable by the
end of 2020

Our journey

Grounds to Grow On™
Creating Positive Change from the Grounds Up™

Since 2011, we’ve been collecting used K-Cup® pods from businesses throughout North America. We turn the grounds into compost and the pods into energy, creating positive change from the grounds up.

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