Recyclable K-Cup® pods are on a roll

We’re transitioning 100+ production lines across all seven of our manufacturing facilities to get the recyclable K-Cup® pod to your door.

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Tracking our progress


First recyclable K-Cup® pods available


Availability expands in Canada


Target for 100% of K-Cup® pods to be recyclable in Canada; production and availability increases in the U.S.


More recyclable K-Cup® pods available in the U.S.


All K-Cup® pods are recyclable

From brew to bin and beyond

Closing the recycling loop so our pods can have their happily ever after.

Fill ‘er up!

Because community recycling programs for #5 plastics are on the rise, more and more recyclers accept #5 plastics. We’re working with recyclers so they are ready to sort and recycle our pods.

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Grounds to Grow On™
Creating Positive Change from the Grounds Up™

Since 2011, businesses in the U.S. use our Grounds to Grow On™ program to collect used K-Cup® pods and return them to become compost and energy.

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